Social Media

Social Media Audit

we use a variety of tools
to dive deep into your
social presence.

Our social audit looks at your key competitors too, bench marking your performance against industry leaders and making recommendations on how you can out-perform them and gain an online share of voice. We’ll also examine their latest content and campaigns, offering insight as to how they’re engaging their audience and how you can use this in your own social campaigns.

Social Media Amplification

Strong content asset
must always be followed
by a Strong Promotional Plan

Social media amplification helps you engage your audience by sharing content that actually resonates with their wants and needs. It also helps your brand stand out from the crowd as a trusted thought leader in your industry. If your content is shared by a qualified audience,it generates positive conversations about your brand and helps you achieve your content marketing goals.

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Unlimited Areas Of Our Social Offerings

A solid SEO strategy combines technical optimization, content optimization, and authority optimization. At Dipika Sitani we have practitioners in each of these, ensuring your website ranks well in the SERP’s and drives traffic to your website.

Cross-platform activation

Our team of experts manages accounts and campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, twitter & Printrest etc.

Budget Optimization

Our tools make sure daily budgets and bids are set at the level to drive the best possible performance.

Ad Optimization

We constantly rotate ads and test multiple variations and formats within each campaign to avoid ad fatigue.

Facebook is key

On an average a person spends more than 40 minutes on the phone and most of it is on Facebook. We put you in front of those who matter to you on Facebook by creating your Facebook page and posting interesting, unique and engaging content on it. This gets you page likes from relevant audience, post shares and comments which improves your brand connect.

We also measure that exact impact of social management on the traffic of the website and conversion rates derived from the social traffic.

Twitter creates the buzz

Online Facebook a lot more organic effort can be done on twitter to build followers. Our twitter experts create your twitter handle and tweet on your behalf to build relevant followers and engage with them in real time.

The right use of the Retweets, Hashtag (#) and @ options in twitter allow us to participate in relevant conversations and make our point in front of millions thereby building a strong brand position for you.

LinkedIn targets the class

LinkedIn helps in case you target audience is B2B in nature. Our Linked In marketing experts reach out to your relevant target audience managing your page on LinkedIn, getting followers and engaging them with meaningful posts.

Instagram, Pinterest is GenZ

Instagram, Pinterest are tools to reach out to your target audience through visual content. If you are a fashion brand or if your business is related to selling designs then these platforms can get you followers and also direct conversions.

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