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Understanding the audience

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Our in-house experts have run thousands of experiments, and we, therefore, know that the landing page is one of the most important areas to be on top of when you want to have a digital business in growth.

Conversion Optimization

One of the most crucial areas in the entire experience is the landing page

Conversion optimization is not about one page, one form or one checkout. It’s about one person – your customer. We don’t optimize conversion rates; we optimize decision processes, customer journeys and user experiences.The optimization audit is the first chance we have to fully understand the current behavior of customers on your landing environments. From this, we can make our recommendations to improve conversion.

5 Ways CRO benefits SEOs

Conversion rate optimization has distinct benefits for SEO. Those include:

Improved customer insights: Conversion rate optimization can help you better understand your key audience and find what language or messaging best speaks to their needs. Conversion rate optimization looks at finding the right customers for your business. Acquiring more people doesn’t do your business any good if they’re not the right kind of people!

Better ROI: Higher conversion rate means making more of the resources you have. By studying how to get the most out of your acquisition efforts, you’ll get more conversions without having to bring in more potential customers.

Better scalability: While your audience size may not scale as your business grows, CRO lets you grow without running out of resources and prospective customers. Audiences aren’t infinite. By turning more browsers into buyers, you’ll be able to grow your business without running out of potential customers.

The key to successful optimization

In order to optimize for conversion rates, you have to know where, what to optimize, and who to optimize for. This information is the cornerstone to successful CRO strategies.

If you don’t gather data, then you’re left making changes based on gut feelings alone. Guts are awesome! But making decisions on just gut feelings instead of rooting assumptions in data can be a waste of time and money.

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